Romantic maternity photo shoot ideas to do at home

You are pregnant, and probably want to record this moment. It’s probably the most special and unique moment of your life so far, and finding a photographer who expresses what you’re feeling in pregnancy can be a challenge.

As the name of this site is THE MOOD GUIDE, with this post I start a series of photographic inspirations separated by MOODS and aesthetic to help moms find photographers, ideas and photographic styles that best suit how they are feeling in pregnancy.

I start with ideas for moms who are feeling feminine, light and spend every second idealizing and romanticizing motherhood.


Purity, lightness, feminine, light tones and romance guide this kind of photoshoot

disclosure: All images from the 3 inspirational collages bellow where taken from Pinterest.



Light Clothing and Flowers

A type of photoshoot that you can do even at home. Natural light and light fabrics in a white background and some floral accessories such as wreath and bouquets to add to the composition.


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Light lace brings on a mood of romance with a very subtle touch of sensuality. The lace does almost all the work alone, since with a clear background! It can be on the beach, at home or in a flower setting. Yes, in a romantic photoshoot, flowers and a touch of green are always welcome. In a belly-close photo, the lace will work as is a beautiful decoration for your baby home.

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If the patience and budget are super low, all you need is a pastel color outfit, a fun letter sign and some white and pink artificial flowers, baby clothes, ultrasound pics and fairy lights. Stick to the bright light and ask your partner for a pic like those above.

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Well, at this point you probably realized that pastel colors, lace, flowers, and bright lights are key for a romantic mood in a maternity photo shoot. Since we are talking about lace, lingerie photos couldn’t be out. Just be careful not to aim in a whimsical mood and hit in a sexy mood πŸ˜‰

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Milk Bath

Preferably with lace and flowers, there is something slightly mystical, as well as clear and romantic, in this kind of photography. Be careful that the light is clear, that Mum’s clothes and fabrics are light and that the flowers are white and pink with a touch of green so as not to escape the romantic mood, as a milk bath photoshoot is often used to evoke a more gothic, boho or sexy mood too.

Ideas for this photoshoot


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Romantic maternity photo shoot ideas to do at home