About Us

We are here with one main goal: Help moms get closer to the lifestyle they want, finding things they truly love!

What are you in the mood for? What Instagram lifestyle and mood do you love? We help you get closer to it!

The Mood Guide was created by two sisters – one of them a brand new mom – with one dream in common: Be the online Marie Kondos of baby products.

We love to shop online but used to get lost among so many options. As two women obsessed with quality and organization and with an extensive professional background and expertise in IT and graphic design, we realized that we could organize the best baby stuff on the internet not only by function but also by colors and style.

Therefore, we created this visual buying guide to help women easily find stuff that truly expresses who they are and how they feel – or wanna feel.

The Mood Guide was designed with the intention to surface the best-rated things to buy, all visually organized by style-or mood.

About The Mood Guide

We handpick the best products from BuyBuy Baby, AlbeeBaby, Target, Etsy, Walmart, and more and organize them by category and style (mood) in one place.

Doing this job is hard and handy work, but we honestly believe it can be very useful for many women.

Our intention is to help mothers make conscient buying choices, by being a more organized alternative to find exactly what they love (organizing by style) and need (explaining the function).

That being said, we are affiliated with the best brands in the USA, so we might get a small commission for some purchases that are made here. But don’t worry, you won’t pay anything extra for this!

PS: To guarantee the authenticity of our curatorship, we don’t feature only products from brands that we are affiliated with. We show everything we love and would buy, and make a long research around the web for the most beautiful and high-quality things out there.