The Cutest Playhouse(s) for Girls & The Best Instagram Makeover Ideas

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Oh, who didn’t have or dreamed of having a dreamy playhouse? Playhouses are the ultimate gift for kids of any age! A playhouse for girls inspires creativity, independence, organization skills, and imagination! Also, it is as great for group activities as it is for solo play. It’s the type of gift that keeps on giving for years because from toddler to older age, kids profit from being able to develop their individuality. For this post, I’m trying to cover all bases on playhouses for girls. Comparing materials for outdoor playhouses, parent’s favorite playhouses for toddlers and kids, the cutest makeover inspiration plus tips from Instagram, and some cute girly playhouse accessories, toys, and furniture to make every dream come true!

The Best Playhouse for Your Big or Little Girl

There are reliable brands on the market, manufacturing playhouses for decades and we are sticking with them, after all, you want your kid to be able to play in safety. But, the best playhouse for your family is the one that satisfies your preferences, needs, space, and lifestyle. When you are looking for a playhouse, think about the following questions. Is the playhouse for little toddler girls or big kids? Will it stay indoor, outdoors or will it move year-round? How much space do you have available? Do you want a pink playhouse for girls, a customized playhouse for girls, or a gender-neutral one? Are you in the mood for a makeover or please no!? And last, but definitely not least: what’s your willingness to assemble a playhouse?

My most important tip: if this is supposed to be a Christmas gift, buy it as early as possible to avoid frustrations. Not that the companies are not reliable, but the weeks before Christmas are more prone to mishappenings. The volume of requests gets way higher, of course, as well as the volume of deliveries. Being December, the weather can play against your delivery ETA and that’s something no company can control.

Plastic or Wood Playhouse for Outside?

In general, if a playhouse can be kept outside, it can also be kept indoors. The opposite, of course, is not true. If you live in an area with lots of rain, snow, or wind and you want a playhouse that survives outdoor with dignity for years, go for high-quality heavier wood playhouses. First, because they are sturdier. Second, because properly-treated wood will endure longer under the weather. And that’s exactly why they are more expensive.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a plastic playhouse for girls outdoors. The plastic playhouses in this post have positive reviews from parents that keep them outdoors. Of course, it will depend on how demanding you are. I love this girly playhouse revamped by @lovenikkile. As we can imply from the seasonal decor, this beauty is being kept outside year-round!

Cute Playhouses For Toddlers Girls

Imaginative, independent, open-end play is key for toddlers’ development and moms’ joy. Toddlers will play just fine in a small playhouse if your budget or space is limited.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Pink Playhouse for Girls, $129.99-$132.99

Playhouse Material: Plastic | Dimensions: 42.75”L x 35.00”W x 49.00”H | NO Kitchen

This is a great non-wood option if you want a girly playhouse and you are not interested in makeovers! Also, for being relatively lightweight (30lbs), it can be a good choice if you plan to relocate it year-round. This pink playhouse does not have a kitchen and despite being recommended for kids over 2 years old, I read a lot of parents’ reviews saying that 18 months babies have a blast in it! Little Tikes also have super cute LOL playhouses, in case your little one is a fan!

What parents reviews say:

“Christmas gift for my granddaughter. She loves playing in it. She’s 6 and the house is tall enough for her to stand up in it. It is the typical well constructed trusted Little Tikes brand meaning it is exceptionally made. There are no sharp edges so it’s very kid-friendly. It’s a pretty bold and vibrant pink. Everything works as it should meaning windows and door swings effortlessly. My husband and son worked together to assemble it. Everything was going fine until they got to the roof.

For some odd reason, the holes were not lining up and it literally took them twice the time on the roof as it did with the body of the house. It was worth the hassle, my granddaughter loved the finish look and the look on her face on Christmas day was also worth it. It’s a lovely house and spacious inside.” Reviewed by Deidre, Sep 2020. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 4.3/5 stars on the Little Tikes website and 4.6/5 stars on Walmart (where it has over 600 reviews!). What unsatisfied parents didn’t like? Some pointed out an overall quality decrease when compared to products bought years before.

Cape Cottage Pink Playhouse Features:

Contemporary styling;
2 Working doors;

2 Windows with working shutters;
Mail slot (mail not included);

Flag holder (flags are not included);

Extreme playhouse makeover ideas and tips

If you are not in the mood for a bright pink playhouse, you can do like @amandabathman. She went to town and delivered some serious spray paint magic! As if it wasn’t enough, she added flower boxes under the side windows, installed an elevated house number and an outdoor lantern!


P.S: the cute mat is from LetterBox and it is sold out as I write this post! If you love it, make sure you follow them to be notified of future restocks!

← Plastic adherent spray paint and hours of patience is what you need. The most used spray paint by moms is the Rust-Oleum that bonds to plastic. The most useful tip: to cover dark surfaces with light colors, you’ll need a few coats of sprays. Wait 24 hours between coats to make sure it will stick to the plastic! Once the playhouse is assembled, install the planter boxes and fixtures! If you’re sticking to faux plants, you don’t need a real plant box if you don’t want to, because watering won’t happen. Any small box will do the trick. And since your hands are going to be on the spray paint already…

5in. Elevated Number, $8.23 at Home Depot
Outdoor Wall Lantern, $22.97 at Home Depot
French Lilac Satin Spray, $3.50 at Ace Hardware

← Combine different types and sizes of faux flowers to create this natural garden effect! Ashland’s faux flowers are hard to beat, but anything you like will do it!

Blush Pink Peony Bush, $12.99 at Michaels
Green Foliage w/ White Berry, $7.99 at Michaels
Peach Tulip Bush, $3.99 at Michaels

Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage Outdoor Playhouse for Girls, $199.99

Playhouse Material: Made EverTough™ | Dimensions: 46.50″ H x 51.00″ W x 35.00″ D | Built-in Kitchen | 🇺🇸 Made in USA

This cute playhouse has been on the market for over 10 years! The super cute cottage is available in 3 different colors, which is also great if you’re not into makeovers. The Neat & Tidy Cottage is a small playhouse (the interior is 45 inches high) that comes with a built-in kitchen and parents say it’s easy to carry it around!

What parents reviews say:

“After searching high and low for an affordable playhouse, we stumbled upon this one. For the price, I think we got an excellent deal. It was easy to put together and is the perfect size for what we needed! Our 2 year old loves it! We can’t keep her out! Perfect playhouse indeed!!.”Reviewed by Mom4evr, Jun 2009. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 4.3/5 stars on the 2Step website and 4.6/5 on Walmart (where it has over 1000 reviews!). The most negative reviews are due to some misunderstanding about the number of molded seats (it only has 1), the size (some people expected it to be bigger), missing parts, and the fact that the built-in floor has no drain.

Neat & Tidy Cottage Playhouse Features:

Built-in floor;
Molded-in kitchen table and faucet;
Molded-in outdoor grill;

Molded-in mailbox;
Electronic doorbell (2AA batteries required, not included)

Windows at every turn;
Little bench;
Dutch-style doorway;

Small playhouse makeover ideas:

Small playhouses for toddlers don’t ask for a lot of interior decor and furniture. First, because you may want to maximize de play area. Second, because small kids are still prone to stuff things in their mouth, noses, and ears, so the less stuff the better.

← You know how light and Instagram filters change colors in pictures. But it seems to me, that the only area that didn’t get any paint was the grey bottom. @oliveira_farmhouse doesn’t say which color she used and I won’t dare a guess, but you get the idea! The self-adhesive vinyl numbers are a cheaper and more practical solution than elevated numbers. Add a cute doormat, some greenery and flowers and the delicate playhouse is ready!

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Number, starting at $1.39 at Ace Hardware
Hanging Ginko Bush, $12.99 at Michaels
Cute Doormat, $29.99 at World Market

@the_plus_o shares a glimpse of this playhouse makeover on her reels and she used the Sweet Pea paint spray for the doors! Her Instagram is super cute and has a lot of seasonal decor ideas!

Sweet Pea Satin Spray, $3.50 at Ace Hardware
Floral Doormat, $16.99 at World Market
Pink Fairy Garland, $35.00 at Maisonette

If you prefer a more simple 6ft pom pom garland for less then $10, see this one !

Backyard Discovery Timberlake Cedar Wooden Playhouse, $199.99-$228.99

Playhouse Material: Wood | Dimensions: 39.13 x 39.13 x 55.31 Inches | Built-in kitchen

This is a cute small playhouse for toddlers. Made of cedarwood, parents say this house is easy to assemble and endures in the rain. Also, the 3 large windows are great to keep things cool during hot summer days. If you want a larger playhouse, check out the Columbus. The same design, but bigger dimensions (46.00 x 46.38 x 56.38 Inches)

What parents reviews say:

“My grand baby loves her little playhouse, a little smaller than I would of liked, but it’s so cute and my husband had it up in about an hour or so. We had a storm the night after and it help up with no problem”Reviewed by Alyssa, Jun 2009. (Review from

“We’ve had this playhouse for two years now and it’s held up great! The doorknob latch recently broke, but customer service sent a replacement for free!” Reviewed by Kamber, Jan 2021. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 4.3/5 stars on the Home Depot website and 4.1/5 on Walmart (where it has over 500 reviews). Some parents complained about the instructions and the quality of the wood.

Timberlake Playhouse Features:

Panelized for simple assembly;
Contains safe-T-lock hardware, powder-coated metal brackets for extra strength and the wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained;

Half-front door;
Sink, stove and cordless phone;

Big views of the backyard through wide windows;
Hanging planter box (flower pots NOT included);

Whimsical makeover ideas for girl playhouses:

← Is @thechristinamulcahy a genius or what? The wall decals are the ultimate extra wall decor for a playhouse and I love it! She made this astonishing playhouse as a birthday gift for her 1-year-old niece, giving a name to us aunties and setting the bar for birthday gifts really high! A round of applauses to the kid’s furniture outside, the golden details, and the cafe counter installed under the lateral window!

6ft. Blush Roses Garland, $14.99 at Michaels
Little Fairy Decal Set, $25.00 at Project Nursery

I love these fairy decal because they are cute and reasonably priced. But you can go with florals, hearts, cherries, rainbows… Hobby Lobby also has some cute wall adhesives.

Rocking Chair, $82.62 at Home Depot

← If your little girl is into cooking, she will love these delicate pretend food and cookware!

Pastel Cookware Playset, $17.99 at Walmart

Fancy something more fun? Check this colorful cookware set . More realistic? Go with this stainless steel pots pretend set

Plush Tea Set, $55.00 at Nordstrom

If you’re not into plush tea sets, maybe you like this colorful wood tea set.

KidKraft Garden View Outdoor Playhouse, $228.99

Playhouse Material: Wood with plastic roof | Dimensions: 53.30 x 54.30 x 57.40 Inches | NO kitchen

This playhouse is made of wood with a plastic roof and no kitchen, making it more affordable than most wood playhouses. If you like this design, but prefer it 100% wood, the Hillcrest Outdoor Playhouse on Home Depot might be the one for you. From the reviews I’ve read, this playhouse is easy to assemble (few exceptions on it) and the real doorbell steals the show among the kids! Overall, parents were very satisfied with how the kids were entertained by the playhouse. Major win!

What parents reviews say:

“We have another plastic playhouse that my child hasn’t used since we’ve gotten this. We’ll be getting rid of the plastic eyesore now that we have this lovely wooden playhouse she loves. When she wants to play she asks to go to “her house.” She’s only two, so she loves repetitive tasks like opening and closing the door, ringing the doorbell, and looking for mail in the mailbox. The chalkboard is also a big hit for scribbling her menu on it. She also likes to serve “salads” (weeds on a plate) to us through the serving window. Love this playhouse!”Reviewed by Alyssa, Jun 2009. (Review from

“Love it! The assembly instructions seem daunting, however I had it all put together before my husband got home from work! The children love the working doorbell, phone, and play clocks in the house!”Reviewed by Jessica, Apr 2020. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 4.6/5 stars on the KidKraft website and 4.5/5 on Walmart (where it has almost 200 reviews). Some parents complain that the wood is not of great quality and split during assembling.

Garden View Outdoor Playhouse Features:

Plastic scalloped roof in green;
3 decorative arched windows and two upper windows;
2 large serving windows with café counters;

2 chalkboards and clock with moveable hands;
Café-style striped canopy;

Working doorbell;
Mailbox and hanging planter box;

No Kitchen Playhouse Ideas:

A playhouse with no kitchen may open a new world of pretend play. Some parents may want their daughters to explore different perspectives, or maybe there is already a play kitchen in the playroom.

← This makeover is so cute. @acornett112 painted her little one playhouse in white, pastel blue, and blush. She added a simple wreath and it’s perfect! Isn’t it the perfect front for a fairytale-inspired fashion boutique or a beauty salon?

23″ Play Closet & Carriage, $119.98 at Maisonette

The doll dress and hangers are included!

Toy Vanity Set, $99.00 at buybuyBaby

I’ve read reviews of moms of kids from 12 months up to 4 years old that love this vanity!

Wooden Beauty Bag, $39.95 at Scandiborn

This Le Toy Van beauty bag is such a hit, it’s often sold out! Sign up their newsletter to be the first in line! If you don’t wanna wait, this Melissa & Doug personalized beauty salon is super cute! Or this, from Bloomingville .

← These @playfulnest organization racks are very practical, especially for bare playhouses with lots of windows. If you want to save some floor space you’ll need some wall storage that doesn’t take up much room as well. She also added a countertop

27 ½” Wall Storage, $14.99 at Ikea

Or you can repurpose this 15 ¾” spice rack that costs $4.99 and is just as cute!

6″ Small Storage Basket, $5.99 at H&M

Both the small and the large storage baskets are available in beige and light turquoise

100% Jute Rug, $49.99 at H&M

If the playhouse is not on the grass, but still outside, a nice jute rug adds coziness and style.

← Your little girl is not into fashion and beauty? No problem! Who said that a dreamy playhouse for girls can’t be a beautiful medical office or veterinarian practice?

Doctors Case, $27 at Babyshop

This perfection also comes in white !

Veterinarian Kit, $33.00 at Maisonette
Pink Doctor Set, $34.00 at Maisonette

Also available in green !

Outdoor Playhouses for Kids Girls

Some parents feel the need to upgrade the toddler playhouse once the kids outgrown them. The larger real state comes with a price, of course. Older kids tend to be more careful and less messy and I didn’t find ravering reviews on plastic playhouses that were high or fun enough for bigger kids.

KidKraft Forestview II Wooden Playhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™, $449.99

Playhouse Material: Wood, Plastic, Hardware | Dimensions: 66″ x 50″ x 69″ | Built-in Kitchen

For your little fairytale princess and prince, this playhouse has the right cabin in the woods vibe. It comes with a little stovetop, some utensils, the planter boxes, a movable bench, and a play phone! Also, the ceiling is pretty high, around 6 feet tall! The EZ Kraft Assembly design is supposed to make the love work easier. But reading the parents reviews, we can say it really depends on the grown-up skills! Some people took an entire weekend, whereas some people did it in 3.5 hours!

What parents say:

“This playhouse is amazing for this price! it is rather large, perhaps 6 feet tall. My husband and myself assembled this in about 3.5 hours. We are keeping this indoors since we have a large play area. This is perfectly fine to keep outdoors as well. The majority of the structure is wood. It is very sturdy. Our boys were excited to have this playhouse.”Reviewed by IndyMom, Dec 2020. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 5/5 stars on the KidKraft website and 4.2 on Walmart (where it has over 100 reviews). The most negative reviews are due to damage caused during delivery.

Forestview Wooden Playhouse Features:

Play kitchen with 2 pots and spatula;
Shiplap roof with decorative siding;
Working doorbell;

Large decorative bay windows;
Two upper windows;
Large serving window with café counter;

2 vinyl chalkboard walls;
2 clocks with moveable hands;
Wooden door with window;

Dainty playhouse makeover ideas for girls:

← Just because it’s a playhouse it doesn’t it can’t be marvelous! It’s all up to you and your child’s wonderful taste!

6 in Dinner Bell, $29.34 at Lowe’s

Or you can get this other dinner bell at Home Depot.

13″Wall Lantern Sconce, $24.97 at Home Depot
Pure Gold Metallic Spray, $8.99 at Ace Hardware

← @laras_haven added a handy shelf under the in-built kitchen and painted everything in white. Her attention to detail is outstanding!

Blush Wired Basket, $4.99-$7.99 at The Container Store

The wired basket is available in 3 sizes and in a few colors: white, aqua, yellow, peacock.

Melamine Bowl, $8.00 at Babyshop

They have the cutest melamine cups: matching cup, pink, mint, floral. If you prefer something more neutral, this Ikea set is adorable.

Handmade Haffia Pink Basket, $39.99 at Babyshop

Or if you prefer a natural color, check this Small Maize/Seagrass Basket, $19.99 at buybuyBaby

23 ½” Polished Rail, $7.99 and Hanging Container, $7.99 each at Ikea

Or you can get the exact same white rail with hook and containers from the playhouse for $3.99 at Ikea

4 ¾” Hanging Planter, $5.99 at Ikea

Hanging Bush, $8.99 at Michaels

KidKraft Braewood Playhouse Cedar Wood Summit, $499.99

Playhouse Material: Cedar Wood | Dimensions: 75.6″ x 43.7″ x 76.1″ | Built-in Kitchen

This playhouse is one to inspire the entrepreneur spirit! The gabled double-level wood roof is a good one for taller kids. The little kitchen comes with a sink, faucet, and burners that click. The outside bench articulates and turns into a countertop, perfect to take customers orders. It also comes with a mesh storage bag, so all the basics are covered. From the reviews I read, parents put in 8 hours of work to fully assemble this playhouse.

What parents reviews say:

“Just finished our playhouse and couldn’t be happier. The quality of the house is solid, especially for the price. Took us a little longer to put it together as we did not use the app and I destroyed the first T nut (be careful) trying to hammer it into the wood. The house looks great. It’s a really nice addition to our yard. The aesthetic is very easy on the eyes. It has some really cool features like the toy bin and the bench/table combo. The bottom line opinion belongs to our nearly 4-year-old daughter and she loves it. She has already taken chalk to the house and added toys to her bin. We are really glad we chose this house.”. Reviewed by Stickman, May 2020. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 3.8/5 stars on the KidKraft website. However, there are some pretty serious complaints of the material not being strong enough under the weather, even one case of mold.

Braewood Cedar Playhouse Features:

Articulating inside-outside bench;
Door has magnet for secure close;
2 Clocks;

Adjustable serving station;
Deluxe kitchen with utensil set;
Front door mail slot;

Two chalkboards;
Mesh toy storage bag;

Inspiring ideas for girl’s playhouses :

If your little girl feels like combining cooking with business, this playhouse is the perfect setup for a trendy lovely cafe, a gourmet ice cream shop, a regencial tea house, or wherever their imagination goes!

← This playhouse already comes with a kitchen, toy storage, and countertop so ¾ of the work is done. To complete the magic, add the business basics like a cute cash register, a lovely apron, and a romantic pink sign!

Pink Eat Wall Sign, $39.99 at Michaels
British Teapot Apron, $25.00 at The MET Store

If your little one is also into arts, this color-an-apron comes with markers to create a unique apron.

♥︎The Most Lovely Aprons for Kids Who Love Cooking & Painting
Cash Register, $42.00 at Babyshop

Another option is this cute card reader with squeamish button, card and money or this Ikea cash register.

Lovely essentials for your little girl’s petit cafe!

Café Set 40 pc, $119.99 at Maisonette

This cafe set is also available at Nordstrom for $119.99

Coffee & Donut Play Food, $40.00 at Maisonette

Sweet Treats Stand Set, $30.00 at Project Nursery

Are you ready to be the co-owner of the cutest gourmet ice cream shop in town?

Battery Ice Cream LED Sign, $28.00 at Babyshop
Ice Cream Cart, $69.00 at Maisonette

Ice Cream Bar Set, $37.00 at Babyshop

Ice Cream Scoop Set, $29.99 at buybuyBaby

What about the daintiest tea house in the neighborhood?

French Tea Set, $56.00 at Maisonette
Pink Wooden Tea Set, $54 at Amara

The pastel version is also available at Babyshop

BPA Free Silicone Tea Set, $56.95 at Scandiborn

Also available at Babyshop

Disney Princess Magical Tea Set, $24.99 at Disney Store
♥︎ The Most Dreamy Toy Tea Sets For Kids That Love Fairytales

Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Cedar Playhouse, $699.99-$735.00

Playhouse Material: 100% Cedar Wood | Dimensions: 6′-4 7/8″ L x 6′-4 7/8″ D x 7′-7 1/4″ H | Built-in Kitchen

This elevated playhouse is amazing for older kids! You can add a slide, a sandbox, and this is the gift that never stops giving. It comes with a small kitchen and a useful cot with a cushion! The saloon door is extra fun and the 5 feet growth bar is fundamental at that age, right? Finally, it is ASTM compliant for residential use.

What parents reviews say:

“We bought this at the beginning of Covid since we couldn’t go to playground anymore. So glad we splurged and bought it for our girls! We have a 2 and 4 year old and they play on it everyday. We made some changes as recommended in other reviews. I couldn’t find the other slides but we bought this slide from Amazon (Swing-N-Slide WS 8200 Apex Wave Slide for 4′ Swing Set Decks) and it’s perfect! We also build a little flower box outside the window and used BEHR Solid Color Waterproofing Stain & Sealer. We are not super handy people but the directions are very clear and easy to follow. Highly recommend, lots of fun and see the girls using it for years!!” Reviewed by Stacey2468, Oct 2020. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 4.5/5 stars on the Backyard Discovery website and 4.2/5 stars on the Walmart website. There are a few negative reviews on the material quality and assembly time, but most reviews are raving.

Scenic Heights Cedar Playhouse Features:

Raised playhouse with spring-loaded saloon doors and sunburst windows
Play kitchen with cooktop, mounted sink, and faucet

Full wooden staircase and standard step ladder
Wood cot with colorful, comfortable green and white cushion

2-toy boxes
5 feet growth board
Safe play: engineered to meet or exceed ASTM standards for residential use (code F1148-19)

Simple playhouse accessories

← This playhouse is great for very active girls. Because it comes with a built-in kitchen, toy boxes and a cot, all you have left to do is to add some lovely decor, to make it whimsical and inspiring.

Vintage Flower Truck Doormat, $19.95 at Plow & Heart
6ft Mushroom Garland, $14.99 at Michaels

Canadian Playhouse Factory Little Alexandra Cottage with Covered Front Porch, $2009.00

Playhouse Material: Wood | Dimensions: 96 in X 72 in | NO Kitchen

The details of this cottage playhouse are so whimsical! The cute dutch-door, the delicate flower boxes, and the covered porch are fairytale dream come true! I can see fairy lights hanging everywhere, blossoming flowers, a sweet doormat. The interior is wide and flat, giving you a lot of room to decor and the kids a lot of space to create! The inside walls are painted in white, which is time-saving if you decide to do a makeover. Finally, the neutral exterior makes the perfect blank canvas for your revamp projects!

What parents reviews say:

“Absolutely love this cottage. We purchased this for our 3 children (ages 2, 4, and 11) and they all enjoy it! Putting it together was fairly easy since they have done all the work for you. All the parts and pieces were included, no damage to any of the pieces. The hardest and longest part was leveling the ground where it was going. I recommend you do this while waiting for your order to arrive. This cottage has brought so many smiles, from them realizing what we were building, to putting their kitchen and grocery store toys in there for them to play with. We purchased the paint, however, it’s just so cute as is that we haven’t brought ourselves to painting it yet. We have had a blast decorating and playing with their new home!” Reviewed by Happiness, Oct 2020. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 3.8/5 stars on the Home Depot website. Some parents stated that the instructions or missing or were unclear, making the assembling complicated. On the other hand, parents that left a positive review were happy with the instructions.

Little Alexandra Cottage Playhouse Features:

Covered front porch with premium cedar deck
3 cedar windows with shutters

54 in. dutch door with shelf
2 flower boxes

Interior painted white with rounded studs
45 sq. ft. of play area

Marvelous kids furniture and toy storage for big girls playhouse
3-Piece Table and Chair Set, $64.99 at Maisonette
Kid’s Sofa, $108.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Pink MDF Storage Box, $37.00 at Babyshop
Table and 4 Chair Pastel Set, $164.99 at Maisonette

Creative STEM Toys for girls:

Light Green 3-Level Wall Shelf, $70.00 at Babyshop
Toy Computer, $41.00 at Babyshop
Mint Study Desk with Chair, $189.99 at Maisonette

Also available inLavander

Arts and Crafts Library Set $39.99at Maisonette

You may also find it at The MET Store,

Kitchen Experiment Lab, $29.99 at buybuyBaby
Modular Building Forms, $69.00 at Maisonette
Magical Train Set and Table $236 at Maisonette

Little Cottage Company Victorian Playhouse for Girls, $1,764.00-$6,528.00

Playhouse Material: Wood | Dimensions: 4’X6′, 6’X8′, 8’X8′, 8’X10′, 8’X12′ | NO Kitchen | 🇺🇸 Made in the USA with Amish Craftsmanship

Little Cottage Playhouse is an Amish craftsmanship company and their luxury playhouses are made in the USA. They have several wonderful playhouses for girls and boys, but the Victorian playhouse is a hit! You can choose from 5 different sizes, as well as add a loft and the deck. Paint, shingles, and drip edges are not included. If you get it from Wayfair you can include expert assembly. But according to the reviews, the panelized kit really comes pre-assembled and primed, making it easy to put together. I still can’t get over the gingerbread trim and the heart-shaped window.

What parents reviews say:

“We received this and built it in about 10 hrs (not including shingles and Paint). It came on 2 pallets, one contained the house, and the second all of the additional add ons. Once we built the main part of the playhouse we waited until after we painted it to add the trim, shudders, flower boxes, deck, and rail. The kids love it, and it went together pretty easily. The directions can be a little vague in places but it’s not hard to figure it out. It looks like it will last for many years and the girls have already played in it for hours on end!” Reviewed by Jessica, May 20180. (Review from

Overall this playhouse has 3.8/5 stars on the Wayfair website. The few negative reviews are concerning assembly difficulty and wood quality.

Victorian Playhouse Features:

Floor Kit is included;
2×3 Stud Framing;

Child door (20”x40”)
Adult door (34”x61”)

2 working 14×21 windows with safety glass and screens
2 Flower boxes

Pastel decor and activities for kids playhouse

← This is one perspective of the Victorian Playhouse interior with the optional loft. Because the windows are only on the front and the adult door is on the side, you have plenty of floor and wall space to create!

Luxury DIY Journaling Set, $22.99 at Maisonette
Gold LED Wall Sign, $42.50 at Babyshop

Velvet Bean Bag, $239.00 at 2Modern
3-Piece Table and Chair Set, $116.99 at buybuyBaby
Retro Play Kitchen, $264.39 at Maisonette
23″Storage Round Unit, $295.00 each at 2Modern
Baking Set, $40.00 at Babyshop

Bakery Wall Decal, $49.00 at Project Nursery
Home Baking Set, $50 at Anthropologie

The Home Baking Set is also available at Nordstrom and Maisonette.

Toy Cakes & Pastries, $14 at Babyshop

The cake stand is sold separately and you can find it at Babyshop.

Playhouse Mansions for Girls

This is playhouse madness. There is a couple of reliable brands building big playhouses. All the brands in this post are considered reliable and are on the market for years. Even more so when you are shopping for a two-story playhouse, for example. You can have them as they are from the catalog, or you can customize them. There is a lot of options and here are the most famous, like Stormi’s playhouse, and wished for by moms kids.

Little Cottage Co. Sara’s Victorian Mansion Playhouse, $8,865.00-$11,799.00

Playhouse Material: Wood | Dimensions: 8’X16′ or 10’X18′ | NO Kitchen | 🇺🇸 Made in the USA with Amish Craftsmanship

I’m in shock with these mansions. This playhouse is available in 2 different sizes and comes with a loft. The interior height is 102″ from bottom to top, so, lots of rooms for wall art to complement the decor. Like their other playhouses, this one also comes in panelized kits, ready for an easy assembly, since everything is precut and labeled. Shingles, drip edges, and paint are not included! So, you will not get a pink one like the one from the picture! Right now as I write this post (March 2021), this playhouse has 22% off on Wayfair and it’s cheaper than on the Little Cottage Co. website. The prices on this page are full, without the discount, so it’s worth it to take a look at Wayfair.

What parents reviews say:

I couldn’t find any reviews on this playhouse.

Sara’s Victorian Mansion Playhouse Features:

2×3 Stud Framing;
17 working 14×21 windows with safety glass and screens;

Both a child and adult door;
Loft with Ladder;

8 Flower boxes;
Floor Kit with runners included;

Romantic and elegant decor ideas for the Victorian Playhouse for Girls

← Every mansion needs a marvelous entry hall to welcome its owners and guests appropriately!

11″X 11″ Rose Arrangement, $91.99 at Michaels

Beautiful roses to create a warm welcoming entrance hall.

14″X11″ Iron & Crystal Mini Chandelier, $99.99 at buybuyBaby

Every respectable mansion has at least one crystal chandelier to keep impressing the guests upon arrival!

The butler needs a place to hang the coats!

← This is one perspective of the Victorian Playhouse interior with the optional loft. The decor and activities possibilities are vast

36″ Pink Loveseat, $339.00 at Macy’s
30″X28″ Faux Sheepskin Rug, $68.00 at Project Nursery

21″ Floral Skirted Stool, $333.00 at Maisonette

← The loft is big enough to create a cozy and comfortable space for your girl to relax and dream! All the fairy lights that can be installed…

47″ Velvet Lounger, $299.00 at 2Modern
5’3″ x 6″ Puffy Love Rug, $225 at Project Nursery

1’9″X1’9″ English Garden Pouf, $179.00 at Project Nursery

Also available at Maisonette

Lilliput Play Homes Cotton Candy Manor Mansion Playhouse for Girls, $11.999-$12.350

Playhouse Material: Wood | Dimensions: Base size: 15′ wide x 6′ deep (main 6’×8′; wing 4’×4′; porch 3’×4′). Loft: 3′ wide x 6′ deep | NO Kitchen | 🇺🇸 Made in the USA

So… this mansion playhouse is really something. First, it is heirloom quality craftsmanship, created in a small village in Pennsylvania. The standard design you see in the picture comes with 3 interior areas: main, wing, and loft. Outside you have a covered porch and a balcony. You can buy it as you see it in the picture, or you can get in contact with Lilliput’s designers to have it custom-made for you. If this or any of their luxury mansion playhouses do not please you, they can build your dream playhouse from scratch.

What parents reviews say:

I couldn’t find any reviews on this playhouse, but I certainly expect it to be flawless. Lilliput Play Homes is a traditional family business, that’s been on the playhouses market for over 30 years. And really, from what I saw on their website, they can build anything you can pay for! And in case you are wondering, this is the famous Stormi’s playhouse.

Victorian Playhouse Features:

Textured Interior Painting;
Brass plated door knocker

Faux Hardwood Floors;
Operable Skylight;
Slate grey window shutters which accent the operable windows

Elegant Palladian windows;
Side entrance door with window
Columned porch and balcony

Dainty decor ideas for the Candy Cotton Playhouse for girls

← The Cotton Candy playhouse has 3 interior areas: main, wing and loft, so decorating it should be a lot of fun!

Ruffle Anywhere Chair, $159.00 at Pottery Barn Kids
4 feet diameter Rug, $119.00 at Project Nursery
Parfum Bouquet Print, $195-$378 at Maisonette
Pink Petal Kids Chair, $344.00 at Maisonette

The toy porcelains tea set is also available in pink.

Rabbit Forest Chair, $56.99 at Maisonette
Floral Pink Kids Chair, $312.00 at Maisonette

Also available in more colors.

16 Floral Paper Napkins, $7.00 at Maisonette
Vintage Peony Arrangement, $44.49 at Michaels
11 pc Toy Mint Porcelain Tea Set, $44.99 at Maisonette

The toy porcelains tea set is also available in pink.

40″ Padded Play Mattress $180.00, at Maisonette

This play mattress is ethically handmade in the USA.

Swan Ballerina Plush Toy $33.00 at Nordstrom
Rainbow Lamp, $240.00 at Maisonette

Handcrafted in pinewood, made to last through generations.

20″ Flamingo Stripe Pillow, $125.00 at Maisonette

Little Cottage Co. Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse for Girls, $16,285.00

Playhouse Material: Wood | Dimensions: 10’X16′ | NO Kitchen | 🇺🇸 Made in the USA with Amish Craftsmanship

Well, if your little one needs even more space, this classic mansion may please her! Jokes aside, from what I’ve seen so far, this is the biggest mansion playhouse you can find ready to order. I had no idea such playhouses existed, so forgive me if my jaw is dropping. Like their other playhouses, this one also comes in panelized kits, ready for an easy assembly. Shingles, drip edges, and paint are not included! The website doesn’t bring more details on the materials used for this specific playhouse or if it comes only with one loft or two. From the interior pictures, it seems to have one loft, but you better call the company and ask all the questions! Oh, it has 22 windows with safety glass and screens. Yes. 22 windows.

What parents reviews say:

I couldn’t find any reviews on this playhouse, but well, what is left to say, right?

Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse Features:

22 Working 14×21 windows with safety glass and screens;
4 stately columns;
Loft with ladder;

Front child door;
Adult sized French Door at back;
LP Smartside quality siding and trim;

Beautiful transom windows to frame the front door;
10 Flower Boxes;

Cute high-end kids furniture & cecor ideas for the Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse

← The Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse has the dimensions of a real house, so

24″X 37″ Bench, $1,103 at Maisonette
40.5″X 30.5″Wall Mirror, $220 at Project Nursery

19″ X 13″ Blossom Chandelier, $249 Pottery Barn Teen

Round Play Table, $189 & Cute Play Chair, $89 at Pottery Barn Kids
Half Moon Pink Table, $144.00 & Chair, $104.95 at Scandiborn
Heart Chair, $1.050 & Two-Toned Flower Table, $1,430 at 2Modern

The flower table is also available in one tone, in several colors, for $760.

← What about a wing dedicated to arts? Classic piano music, French artists, iconic fashion designers.

Degas Painter of Ballerinas, $19.99 at The MET Store
14.5’X 11.5′ Coco Chanel Print, $178 at Anthropologie

Schoenhut 30-Key Baby Piano , $159.95 at Maisonette

Or you may prefer a white Mini 3-String Guitar,

Fairy Light Panel, $119.00 at Pottery Barn Teen
2’X 3′ Superdoft Shearling Rug, $129 at Pottery Barn Teen

Besides white, it’s also available in blush, grey and black

3 Tier Wall Shelf, $134.99 at Scandiborn

Words from the heart

Of course, kids will take the lead from their parents’ guidance and grow from it. More than a house, a playhouse for girls can be the scenery for anything you wanna inspire your daughter to be!

If you are raising a princess, it’s the perfect castle; if you are raising a warrior-queen, it’s an amazing fort. You want to inspire your daughter to be a pristine housekeeper and mom? Should it have a kitchen, so she can learn how to feed herself or run her own cafe? Maybe her playhouse can be a medical office or an architecture empire? The sky is the limit and everybody wins when there are more possibilities than limitations!

♥︎ Sweet Play Kitchens for Kids Who Love Pink & Soft Colors

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