Here is everything you will need for a beautiful minimalist baby room


Simplicity is something undervalued these days, so, in this post, I prove that a baby room can beautiful and minimalist.

It doesn’t take much for a beautiful and efficient baby room. All you need are some decor and furniture essentials and below I will explain to you why are those items essentials.

The baby will take at least a year to really absorb and interact with the decor of the room, so, in the first days, you can focus your budget only on what really matters and still have a pretty nursery!

Many people decorate the room with lots of things, but if you’re a mom with a more limited budget, or who simply understands the value of a minimalist life, you’d rather a room with just what you need and bring joy to you.

It is possible a beautiful minimalist baby room

With the excitement of the baby’s arrival, is normal to want to make a room that expresses all the love that the mother is feeling. It seems that the decor communicates, in a way, the intensity of everything we are feeling.

This post is not to say that certain types of rooms are right or wrong, but to show the benefits and ideas for a simple and beautiful baby room.

For this post, I thought of a clean, neutral, gender-neutral baby room with little decoration, a lot of quality, and an affordable budget. I also draw on my personal experience with my 4-month-old in suggesting items.

Minimalist Nursery Essentials

Nursery Lamp and Nigh lights:

The baby was in the dark, cozy womb. Coming into this world and being exposed to so much strong artificial light is probably not very pleasant.

A cute, minimalist lamp is super useful when sitting in your breastfeeding chair and wanting to put out enough light without being too much light.

A cozy environment to have that special moment with your baby makes all the difference and helps mamma and baby to keep calm while breastfeeding!

1 – Birdie Lamp / 2-Giraffe table lamp / 3 – Monster Lamp / 4 – Elephant Lamp / 5 – Unicorn Lamp / 6 – Cloud Lamp / 7 – Multicolor LED Bear light / 8 – Cute Cloud Lamp / 9 – Fox Lamp / 10 – Elephant Lamp / 11 – Owl Lamp / 12 – starry Globe Lamp /

13-Joseph Lamp:

My favorite! It looks like a minimalist bunny friend for your baby.

14 – Miffy Night Light

For the same reasons that I like Joseph: I love Miffy Night Light because in addition to lighting and being beautiful, it brings a more playful atmosphere to the environment.


Minimalist shelves:

Nursery shelves are good to organize a lot of stuff, from small decor items to books. An affordable way to have an organized and pretty nursery.

1- Pink Cloud Shelf / 2- small metal shelf / 3 – white cloud Shelf / 4 – Shelf with hanging rod / 5- Suspended Wall shelf

Baby Nest:

Your newborn will probably not be able to sleep alone in his crib unless he feels safe and snug as he was in the womb. In my experience as a mother, the nest is as important as the crib itself, and as you can use up to 6 months, it is worth investing in a good one so that your little one always feel protected and cozy early in life


1-Marble Nest / 2- Snuggle me organic lounger / 3- Etsy Baby nest


My baby’s favorite mobile is my hands! haha, she loves when I play with my fingers and it’s one of the biggest secrets to distract her when she’s crying. That being said: Mobiles don’t need to have anything special, because any movement leaves babies focused and entertained. For this post, I chose some mobiles that I found beautiful and are simple and minimalist

1- Pom pom and stars mobile / 2- Spiral Felt Star Mobile / 3- Scandi Nursery Mobile / 4- Disney Ariel Mobile / 5- Dogs Mobile / 6- Stars Mobile

Nursery Glider/rocking chair:

Also very important, especially in the early days, when you are learning to breastfeed. I used a simple model and I don’t quite see the need for a recliner, but the reviews were very good, and the fact that they say it’s super soft made me choose the first option – softness is very important to be relaxed in breastfeeding. On the other hand, I regretted not buying a Rocking Chair. Babies need rocking to sleep, which makes me have to stand with her all the time, otherwise, she won’t sleep, and sometimes it’s tiring, especially postpartum. Maybe with a rocking chair, I could sit and wait for her to fall asleep.

1- Rocker Recliner / 2- Rocking Chair


Since we are in a post about a minimalist nursery, where less is more, my suggestion is not to spend too much on a crib. The mattress is more important than the crib itself, so all the suggestions here are convertible cribs, precisely because it lasts longer since you can keep using it for your toddler later. Some more expensive, others cheaper, but the important thing is that they are simple, with good reviews and convertible. To check our complete guide of the best modern minimalist cribs on Amazon, please look at this post. If you like modern-minimalist round cribs, you might find something here.

1- White and Natural Convertible Crib / 2 – Matte and White Convertible / 3 – Washed Natural Convertible Crib / 4 – Marley 3 in 1 convertible crib

Wall art

It’s not essential, but we have to agree that it makes a lot of difference in the look and feel of the environment.

1 – moon / 2 – rainbow / 3 – tiger



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