The Best Stores To Buy Cottagecore Shoes & Inspire Dreams In Every Season

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Ideally, a dream life in the fields needs no shoes. In our languid fantasies, we are walking barefoot in a green field, soaking in all the vital energy that the earth has to offer. In real life, even if you live in a romantic cottage, you may need to cover your feet to walk to a beautiful park, escape to your favorite corner in the public library, or visit an enchanting garden for a perfect picnic. So, I rounded up really good stores where you can find cottagecore shoes for every occasion and season, for all the fairies and witches.

So, in this post, you’ll find shoes that resemble the cottagecore aesthetic and/or slow fashion lifestyle. True treasures handmade by experienced artisans from Europe and South America; light knit sustainable flats with delicate details; even simple mocassin patterns so you can DIY, or that get you as close as being barefoot as possible. And because you can go cottagecore year-round, we found rustic brogues, romantic ankle boots, many retro and vintage-inspired oxfords laced up with ribbons. Also, there are idyllic images with a soothing cottagecore aesthetic to help you get in the mood!

We hope you get enchanted by our selection. But mostly, I wholeheartedly desire it helps you get in the cottage mood you dream of!

Handmade & Slow Fashion Cottagecore Shoes

This store has handmade and custom-made shoes from Ukraine. You can find mary janes, oxfords, boots, and sneakers made to order or ask for changes according to your needs! Their brogue shoes are 100% cottagecore mood that you can wear from the apple orchid to the happy hour. And they also have lined options to take you throughout winter.

OH! Earthing Mocassin embraces the cottagecore spirit and aesthetic in such a poetic and beautiful way. This French store handmakes soft-sole mocassins, which are as close as you can get from being barefoot. But they also provide different tutorials and patterns for anyone who wants to embark on the journey of sewing their own shoes. At their Etsy store, you will find mocassins made to order, tutorials, patterns, and even leather and tool kits in case you’re a beginner.

Sandgrens is a slow fashion family-owned business from Sweden. They have been making traditional Swedish wood clogs for generations, honoring handmade craftsmanship using only high-quality materials.

You’ll find comfortable clogs, high heel clogs, and clog boots that will make you feel as if you lived in the Swedish countryside.

Julia Bo Shoes consists of a second-generation family business, run by bold women. They took over their grandfather’s small workshop, specialized in high-quality handcrafted oxford shoes, and updated it. Today they design timeless oxfords, brogues, and Derbys for women, honoring 60 years of shoe crafting tradition. Everything can be customized, because, well, they are masters.

This is the store if you want high-quality, dressed-up, comfortable, leather cottagecore shoes for every occasion. From bridal and wedding guests to work, they have the sweetest and most romantic flats, oxfords, heels, mules, sneakers, and boots. It’s a wonderful way to keep the cottagecore lifestyle after summer is over.

Quiero June is a female-owned small business from Argentina. She designs timeless cute shoes that are handcrafted by experienced artisans. People will stop you to ask where you got your shoes.

Sustainable & Mass Produced Cottagecore Shoes

Vivaia was created in 2020 and has a light-hearted philosophy on footwear. They make sustainable eco-friendly shoes with knit upper made from plastic bottles. The insoles are naturally deodorizing thanks to the Artemisia Argyi herbal, so technically, you’ll be stepping on a piece of nature! The outsoles are carbon-free rubber and everything is packaged with 100% recycled cardboard.

You’ll find sneakers, mules, flats, ballerinas, mid heels.

Mod Cloth was born as an independently owned indie brand back in 2002. A lot has happened ever since, and besides vintage-inspired and size-inclusive clothes, they carry a large and fun collection of retro-inspired shoes.

If you’re more into the retro cottagecore aesthetic, but not so much into the slow fashion lifestyle, Unique Vintage has a vast collection of retro and vintage-inspired shoes. You’ll find lots of oxfords, flappers, and adorable whimsical floral shoes for every occasion!

So, how do you feel about this selection? Did it help you escape? Did you feel inspired?

We believe that we don’t have to step out of our clouds, no matter where we live. If there is a thing fashion is for, is to tell a message about who we are for ourselves and the world. Also, it has the power to put us in the mood we feel like being!

So, since you’re gonna have to wear shoes anyway, why not incorporate the cottagecore aesthetic that will warm up your heart and bring you a step closer to the lifestyle you dream of?

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The Best Stores To Buy Cottagecore Shoes & Inspire Dreams In Every Season