Best Sustainable shoes for babies on Amazon

Hello mammas (or maybe dads, friends or grandparents!). We have already made an incredible selection of feminine, adventurous and minimalist shoes for babies, and in this post we will show you the best sustainable shoes for babies and toddlers on Amazon!

First, I had thought about curating shoes with a natural aesthetic only, but realized it would be much more useful and ethical to be restricted to eco-friendly and sustainable products, even though some models don’t have a sustainable-natural aesthetic.

So, what is a sustainable shoe? It’s about being ethical and eco-friendly. It is a product that is manufectured with natural and sustainable materials and that is good for your baby, for your conscience and for the planet Earth!

Why Natural and Sustainable materials?

Many moms (I’m one of them) are concerned with making the world a better place by consuming less and more consciously and only consuming products that are biodegradable and sustainable. Maybe you don’t care so much about the future of the planet, but want your baby free of substances considered toxic, such as plastics and synthetic fabrics, or even for political values, you are just against animal cruelty!

In summary, sustainable materials are healthy and safe for the planet and for your baby feet. So, if you are in this mood, it will certainly be easy to find the perfect shoe here!

If you prefer something easy to put on (perfect for tiny and sensitive newborn feet) and naturally antibacterial, go for the handmande 100% organic wool shoes (number 13 and 15).

If you want or something that expresses purity and is manufactured with 100% organic cotton, go for numbers 1 to 6… Also, organic cotton is hypoallergenic, so if your baby skin is too sensitive (newborns skins usually are), go for it! It’s better to spend more money on good clothes than on skin remedies!

Now if you are looking for something more chic and ¨walkable¨? Go for the vegan leather!

🍃 SPECIAL TIP: Attention with the materials! Vegan leather means that it’s cruelty-free leather, meaning that it’s not animal skin leather, which can be made with only natural materials or also plastics! Double-check with the brand to see if the leather and other materials really match your principles before purchasing. Also, almost all the options bellow are available in multiple prints and colors, we reccomend clicking for more options!


Organic Cotton baby shoes

Organic Wool baby shoes

Vegan Leather soft sole baby shoes

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