Best Places to Buy Decor for a Modern Nursery Besides Pottery Barn


There are so many nursery themes a mom can choose from, depending on the mood she wants to express in the baby room. In this post, we organized a list of the best brands where modern moms can shop for modern nursery decor!

We also know that although decorating the baby room is the coolest task, choosing the decor theme of your dreams and the right furniture is not that easy!

At The Mood Guide, we do our best to help you out in this ¨job¨ by organizing the best baby stuff on the internet by lifestyle.

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The Mood Guide is designed to help women save time on online shopping.
We look for the best-rated things to buy and we organize them by mood, personally. This is handwork, but we honestly believe it’s very useful to all busy ladies out there. πŸ’›
Therefore we participate in some affiliate programs and we might get a small commission for some purchases you make here. But don’t worry, you won’t pay anything extra for this!

⋆ Project Nursery ⋆

Project Nursery is perfect for parents looking for gender-neutral, boho-chic modern nursery decor items and furniture.

What we love most: Created by two visionary millennial women, they partner with the best brands to offer exciting and exclusive product collaborations.

There are so many options for modern and trendy stuff that gets hard to choose from.

Their super modern wall decals are so authentic and pretty that deserve special attention!

⋆ Ikea ⋆

We often think about Ikea for modern home decor but not THAT much for nursery decor.

Well, you definitely should take a look at their website! There are options for very authentic Swedish Scandinavian and minimalist decor, and the prices are so great!

What we love: The prices! Ikea is very affordable and you can find pretty, functional and child friendly storage, toys and furniture!

⋆ Scandiborn ⋆

I LOVE Scandiborn for one simple reason: they make authentic European design accessible to American moms!

Every single thing on their website is gorgeous, chic and there is a lot of ethical and organic products too.

What we love: They have an entire section dedicated only to the curatorship of Montessori toys from the best brands in Europe. They are all so beautiful that can also easily be used for nursery decor!

⋆ 2modern ⋆

2Modern is a leading retailer of modern furniture and they have an entire section dedicated to baby and kids furniture, bedroom, playroom, lighting and decor in general

What we love: As a designer myself, I can tell that this is definitely a place you go for a very authentic modern design.

I mean, the modern rocking chair we used as an example here is definitely not what we are used to seeing on Pinterest Nurseries, and is listed under their nursery furniture stuff!

⋆ The Tot ⋆

The Tot is the place to go if you are a modern eco-friendly mama. A win-win, here you find beautiful trendy and exclusive items with the extra of being all organic, non – toxic, or natural.

What we love: Modern and safe guarantee in one place! They are very transparent and test everything, from materials to chemicals ingredients before putting for sale. For every product page, you find a very detailed description. They curate and test safe and practical products from more than 200 brands!

⋆ Maisonette ⋆

Maisonette is a Magic Place with amazing curated stuff of the best modern products from around the world.

What we love: There is so much pretty and exclusive stuff to choose from! From books to bikes to the most stunning dollhouses, Maisonette is an online dream come true for quality and modern children stuff.

⋆ H&M ⋆

Everyone knows H&M, of course!

What almost anyone knows is that they have a home decor section for Kids room on their website where you can find some great exclusive options to decor your baby or toddler room.

What we love: The prices! Very good and out of the bitten path stuff for good prices!

⋆ The Container Store ⋆

Although The Container Store is not specifically a place to shop baby decor or modern furniture, it is worth a look at their drawers, bins and baskets.

What we love: A great option if you need affordable, minimalist and modern storage items for the baby room!

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Best Places to Buy Decor for a Modern Nursery Besides Pottery Barn