Made of- Organic first baby skincare and diapering

Organic products, transparency, and nature. I’m in love with this combo and very happy to feel that I can take care of my baby while preserving nature at the same time. Despite being an eclectic mother, when it comes to the health of Maya’s skin I’m a bit more demanding. I value conscious consumption and the quality of the ingredients in everything that goes into her skin. For me, the more natural the better and safer.

Made of is a brand that offers many cool and safety first baby products. We know their skin is very sensitive, it dries out and gives allergies easily, and that’s why it caught my attention.

¨We believe that the fundamental component of family health and wellness is dependent on the everyday products they use

We believe that effective everyday products should be made of organic and plant derived ingredients

We believe that mandatory transparency standards for sourcing, manufacturing, testing, handling and certification results in safer products¨

So, here are the products that I believe are very useful and the reasons why

Hypoallergenic Diapers and Wipes

Nipple Balm

Dish Soap

(I particularly like this one because I’ve never stopped to think about how toxic are the traditional dish soaps. Clean plates and bottles with no toxic residue for the baby is important!).

What I love

Transparency about the uses of all the ingredients


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Made of- Organic first baby skincare and diapering