Unusual Stores to Find The Best Modern Farmhouse Decor

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Nature is welcome in your sanctuary. Wood, ropes, faux leather, real plants, copper, ceramic. For you, modern minimalism is just dull, but the rustic farmhouse decor style looks way too countryish. You love the Scandinavian clean lines + black & white. But it’s too cold for your wild soul. You love to travel and your farmhouse could be in Sweden, Peru, or Morocco.

If you feel the urge to create your own authentic farmhouse aesthetic and to explore different ways of doing things, have fun!

Modern Farmhouse Decor & Furniture Stores


A lot of ethically sourced, non-toxic, woman-employed pieces from designers and artists all over the Globe. This woman-owned store is a treasure for the farmhouse lover wanderer at heart!


Farmhouse Dining Table – Sustainably Sourced Reclaimed Wood – Modern Farmhouse Wall Art – Handwoven Baskets

Horne: a cool modern farmhouse

If you wish your sophisticated farmhouse was in a Scandinavian country, Horne is your match. The store is the result of when a classic minimalist immigrant pairs (and marries) with a countryside Texan free-spirited and they both share a passion for design, travels, and diverse cultures! Horne prides itself on offering authentic and genuine pieces from designers all over the World. They have unique pieces from Brazil to Norway and Thailand, so you’ll find much more than just farmhouse style. Plus they have a sharp mindset: please conscious shoppers who prefer non-disposable design.


Enjoy The Wood: a traveler’s modern farmhouse

A European family runs this small business of uniquely handcrafted woodwork. The authentic maps steal the show, but they also have exquisite wood cover recipe books, travel journals, wedding planners, and so on. They come in different sizes, colors, finishes and you can even customize some features, depending on the product. Finally, they come with an extra package of figure pins, like wood boats, airplanes, and more. It’s a singular decor piece.


Handcrafted Wood Maps – Unique Wood Cover Journals


Kirkland has both rustic and modern farmhouse style. You’ll find a wide variety of modern farmhouse decor and some furniture. They have a lot of urban and industrial farmhouse as well. It’s a great place if you want to add a touch of country to your modern decor but still keep it clean.


Metal Accents – Wood Wall Art – Black Metal Lighting – Reclaimed Wood Furniture – Farmhouse Coffee Table

Unique & Bold Farmhouse Furniture


I know Anthropologie is mostly boho. But their new furniture collection is so bold, rustic, unique, and original they belong in here! Maybe their creative director was social distancing in a farmhouse by the woods, because he is giving us some serious #adventurousmood. I lived in the countryside of Canada, between the Rocky Mountains and an authentic organic farm, and these pieces took me back there. Having real wilderness chills right now!


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The Best Decor Stores List: Rustic Farmhouse Mood
Unusual Stores to Find The Best Modern Farmhouse Decor