These lace lingerie will make any mom feel pretty and feminine after giving birth

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a mother, after all The Mood Guide is all written with love and dedication from mom to moms. And if you are a new mom, there is a big probability you are wondering things like ¨how to feel beautiful after baby?¨ ¨how to feel pretty postpartum?¨ Or even ¨how to feel normal after baby!¨

Before I was a mother I didn’t have a lot of problems with my self-esteem. However, from pregnancy to when the baby arrives, it is much more difficult to find time for us, right? Recognizing yourself in that new body can be very, very difficult, at least in the beginning, which is why it is practically inevitable not to have a certain crisis of self-esteem. Will my body come back? Does my partner still see me in the same way? Will I have time to take care of myself and feel beautiful and sexy again?

I admit that at times, I even felt guilty for having these thoughts, after all, what matters now is my baby, not my appearance. But the ultimate truth is: taking care of ourselves is as important as taking care of our babies. The reason is simple: for our children to be well, we have to be well! They feel, absorb, and get inspired by us, and this is why feeling good with yourself even if in the small details – like the underwear you wear – (and even impress hubby on the processes) is a great way to start.

Our lingerie hugs our temple, our body, in the most delicate areas all day. After the amazing job, our bodies did we definitely deserve a pretty, high quality, and delicate underwear to makes us feel like we deserve: pretty, dainty, and well about ourselves.

You don’t need to wear big boring nursing bras or panties all time just because you are pregnant or a mom! Lace bralettes are also very easy to breastfeed and so comfy to wear all day at home!

This post is about helping women feel more feminine, so all the lingeries I picked are very dainty and soft colored. I recommend clicking on the model you like to check for more color options!

H&M Lace Lingeries

I love H&M. Their clothes last so much, the price is great and I also could find some options for comfy, feminine and dainty lingeries here!

H&M for Moms

1- Mamma Padded Nursing Bra / 2- firm shaping briefs / 3- two-pack nursing top / 4- two-pack cotton grey nursing bra / 5 – two-pack light shaping briefs (skin colors) / 6 – Lace Nursing Bra

H&M Lace lingerie

1- light shaping bodysuit / 2 – pack lace undies / 3 – Lace bikini briefs / 4 – beige bralette / 5 – padded lace bra / 6 – Lace hipster white briefs / 7-2pack laced bra / 8- padded lace bralette

H&M cotton with lace lingerie

1- three pack briefs / 2-Padded Jersey Bra Top / 3- three-pack cotton pastels briefs

Free People Lace Lingerie

You better go to their website and type LACE: the options are just so many, and I handpicked my favorites here, especially for new moms. Bit High price (and too many skinny models for my reality hehe), but focus on the beautiful lingerie, we deserve it!

Nordstrom and Bloomingdales lace lingeries

Famous for being expensive brands, but I couldn’t leave them out since a lot of options are on a very good sale!

1-Bloomingdales Lace Bra / 2 – Sexy Mama Underwire Lace / 3- Minimalist wireless nursing bralette / 4 – Merci White Nursing Bra / 5 – nursing lace bralette / 6- Cafe Wireless nursing bra / 7- Feathers underwire contour bralette / 8- Wireless Nursing Bra / 9 – White Eden Bra

Lace Undies

1- Light and Lacy Flowe Panties / 2- Invisible panties lace / 3 – Retro Floral Briefs / 4 – Pink Floral Thong/ 5 – Shaping Briefs / 6 – Full Circle Lace Bikini / 7 – Embrace Tanga / 8- White Cotton Briefs / 10 – lace shorts

Lace Bralettes

1 – Embrace Lace Bralette / 2- Lace Day Bra / 3 – Rose feathers Contour bra / 4 – White Crochet Bralette / 5- Soft Cup Bralette / 6 – The Palm Busty Bralette / 7 – Cherry Blossom White Convertible / 8 – All Day Comfort Delicate Lace / 9 – White Lace crochet Bralette

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These lace lingerie will make any mom feel pretty and feminine after giving birth