5 Modern Round Cribs + 10 gender-neutral nursery ideas

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Round cribs inventory X COVID-19 | Round cribs price range | Round cribs safety

Stokke® | Tulip | Cocoon | Sebra | Ubabub.

Modern round cribs are the queens of design nursery furniture, in my humble opinion!

Not only they look super cozy like a nest, but they are also chic, stylish, and modern while classic. You know, when your kids grow up and look back to their nursery pictures they will love it!

Image from Houzz.com

On top of that, some models convert from a bassinet or mini crib to a toddler bed or junior bed. For this reason, it may be the only piece of sleeping furniture you will buy for years.

Round Cribs inventory X COVID-19

The round cribs design is quite timeless. Consequently, if you have been around the baby world for a few years now, you might recognize them from Pinterest!

As of June/2020, during our week of research for this post, the vast majority of models and finishes were available in stock of the stores we checked!

Image from Houzz.com

We personally browse over 15 online stores for each crib (I know, right?!), to make sure they would be in stock at the time we are writing this post (and we are updating it as often as we can).

Right now we are aware of 5 CPSC compliant manufacturers/importers selling modern round cribs in the USA. They are: Stokke®, Tulip, Cocoon, Sebra & Ubabub.

Round Cribs price range

Modern round cribs are definitely on the high price point.

Whereas great rectangular full-size convertible cribs cost US$250,00 on average, you can’t find new safe modern round cribs for less than US$699,00.

We are not considering the Sophia Posh from Dream on Me on this post, because it has a feminine girly aesthetic, not modern.

So, it is a serious design investment! But they will convert into amazing pieces of furniture, that’s for sure! And as mentioned before, it may be your only sleeping purchase for years.

Image from Scandiborn

Also, we didn’t notice a huge price variation between retailers, unless it was a very specific sale. But the shipping costs may vary.

On top of that, some models include the mattress and the conversion kit. So you may wanna consider that into the final account.

In this post we show an average price for the crib (from the day we made the research) AND the good retailers where you can find each model. That gives you the freedom to go to your favorite store and make your own decisions based on your preferences! 😉

Round Cribs safety

Round-cribs are considered non-full-size cribs by the CPSC safety regulations. For our daily life, it doesn’t change anything, because they are under the same regulation as the full-size cribs.

Image from Houzz.com
Image from Houzz.com

Therefore, if you are buying a new round crib in the US you can rest assured that they must comply with federal safety regulation. In case you decide to go for a used crib and you care about safety, you may wanna check if it was built before or after the regulation and if it is compliant with the safety standards.

We have a great informative post about CPSC crib safety federal regulations and one on the AAP safe sleep guidelines!

❍ All cribs featured on this page meet ASTM International, U.S. CPSC, or EU safety standards! ❍

Stokke® Sleepi™ Oval Crib

Photo by The Little Design Corner | Image from Houzz.com

✰ Converts to: toddler bed, day bed, and twin size bed
✰ Stokke® Sleepi™ Junior Conversion kit not included
● Material: Beechwood
● 4 finishes/colors options: Hazy Grey, White, Natural & Mint Green
● 2 adjustable mattress positions
● Assembled Dimensions: 50L x 29W x 33.8H in

Average price: US$ 699,00

See today’s price on:

Cocoon Furniture Nest 4-in-1 Crib and Bassinet System

Image from Cocoon Furniture

✰ Converts to: bassinet, toddler bed and table+chairs set
✰ Conversion kit + “SMART mattress” included
● Material: Sustainable European Beechwood
● 3 finishes/colors options: Grey, White & Walnut
● 2 adjustable mattress positions
● Assembled Dimensions: 51L x 29.9W x 35H in

Average price: US$ 989,00

See today’s price on:

Sebra Juno Cot Bed

Photo by Bjurfors Göteborg | Image from Houzz.com

✰ Converts to: toddler bed and day bed
✰ Conversion kit included
● Material: Birchwood
● 6 finishes/colors options: Grey, White, Lake Blue, Mist Green, Feather Beige & Wooden
● 2 adjustable mattress positions
● Assembled Dimensions: 45L x 29.8W x 34H in

Average price: US$ 1145,00

See today’s price on:

Tulip Leander 4-in-1

Image from Houzz.com

✰ Converts to: day bed, transition bed and junior bed.
✰ Conversion kit included
● Material: Molded FSC Certified Beechwood
● 3 finishes/colors options: Grey, White & Walnut
● 2 adjustable mattress positions
● Assembled Dimensions: 48L x 28W x 38H in

Average price: US$ 1399,00

See today’s price on:

Ubabub Pod Crib in Natural

✰ Converts to: toddler bed.
✰ Conversion kit included
● Material: Timber plywood, acrylic & metal
● Only finish/color option
● 2 adjustable mattress positions
● Assembled Dimensions: 55.5L x 27.5W x 39.7H in

Average price: US$ 3199,00

See today’s price on:


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