Best modern minimalist play mats on Amazon

Hello mamas! In this post, I picked the best rated (4 stars and up) play mats on Amazon for who is looking for a modern, minimalist, Scandinavian baby mat that evokes a modern and clean mood and looks lika a rug to match nicely with classy decor.

I’ve written before in the post about feminine playmats but it’s always good to repeat: a good and functional play mat needs to be soft enough for playtime and, of course, safe!


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The Mood Guide is designed to surface the best-rated things to buy, all visually organized by mood. Doing this job is hard and handy work, but I honestly believe it can be very useful for many women.That being said, I might get a small commission for some purchases that are made here. But don’t worry, you won’t pay anything extra for this.


Modern Playmats by age and function


A lot of new moms don’t know how to tummy time a newborn.  That’s because those tiny little new humans just hate tummy time: for them is something boring and exhausting. That being said, number 22 is the perfect option if you want to start tummy time early. It is small, safe, fun and comfortable, plus the toys to reach will keep the baby more entertained and patient! The attached props is also great for development since your baby will be more willing to move around and use their arms.

The other options below are the best modern minimal play mats for babies who are just enjoying tummy time, which means they are great from newborn to around 3-4 months (depending on the baby size).

All of them are perfect for tummy time and playtime as they are very soft! Some models like the round ones double as a rug and play mat and are perfect to decorate the reading corner, for example, or to lay it across a bed and add a cute modern look to your nursery. They look really classy and are ideal to match a modern minimalist decor.

Best playmats for crawling

After around the 5th month your baby will start to develop more, therefore, the models below are great for little ones who are crawling, flipping over, learning to stand and walk. Babies tend to have some spills trying to stand and can get really hurt if they are not on a good mat.

So, if you are a modern mom who is worried about the living room decor, mood and aesthetic and want a functional and good quality mat that is also gorgeous and work as a replacement for area rugs, you will probably find The One here.

If quality and minimal aesthetic is equally important to you (and money is not a problem), mats number 5, 12, 24, 33, 37 and 40 will be perfect. I like those because their color and design looks classy, atemporal and cool and you can use them for yoga and other exercises for a long time.

The number 7 is the TOP MAT of them all. Quite expensive because of its multi-function as a Bumper Bed, Baby Mat, Safe Guard and Play Yard. Wich means that although it is a bit pricey, if you buy all the items separately (bed, mat, fence and development mat/toy) maybe the final price will be even more expensive. For me this mat is the perfect chic modern and minimalist item because it offers many benefits and maintains the environment clean, decluttered e minimalist without taking away the fun and promoting your child’s development!

Also a special atention to number 17.  This one is an outdoor mat, that you can take with you to parks and even to friends’ houses. If you want a mat that folds easily and neatly with a convenient handle so you can carry it around anywhere you go, this is the one.

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