Is it possible to get your pre-pregnancy body back?

Let’s be honest: writing a body-positive postpartum post is very important, and it is important that we accept and love ourselves, regardless of everything, mostly for the values ​​of self-love we want to leave for our children! But leaving hypocrisy aside, if we have the choice to return our body to what it was before pregnancy, we will make that choice!

I read a lot of posts saying that unless you are a celebrity or have a lot of money, your body won’t go back to what it was after motherhood, your stomach skin will be crepey, you will get stretch marks and your boobs will hang. Ok, as I said above, showing this reality is very important because, in many cases, it will happen, either by a triplet pregnancy or by a genetic issue. But the good news is: PREGNANCY WON’T NECESSARILY CHANGE YOUR BODY FOREVER! And you don’t have to be rich to get your pre-pregnancy body back.

postpartum body

Many women are relieved to read this kind of story because they see that they are not alone and understand that it is a magical transformation of the body and that the changes are a reminder that you have done the most beautiful and important job in the world: bringing a brand new life to this planet.

But to be honest, I didn’t like to read only negative stories about the postpartum body. I thought ¨I’m not rich, I can’t do treatments and surgeries, will it really not come back? Will I accept myself with the physical change?¨

After thinking a lot, I decided to take some precautions on my own. I’m very prone to stretch marks (I have a lot on my but since I’m 15 yo), and despite being thin, I gain weight very easily, mainly in the abdominal region.

I decided that I would do my best not to feel out of my body after pregnancy. I am small, have low blood pressure, and if I gain a lot of weight I feel very unwell and tired. So in this post I will list the things I think helped my body get back to exactly what it was a few months after delivery (my mom says that my body is even more beautiful now!).

Take care of your body from the inside out

Some time ago I began to realize that eating well and worrying about the proper functioning of my body, muscles, and organs is something that makes me feel good and willing to do stuff. Eating real food gives me the willingness to exercise, and consequently, this is all externally reflected in my body. With pregnancy is no different. I had a very balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy: Rice, beans, vegetables, and lots of fruits (including fruits I don’t like). I thought about my baby health, so I didn’t eat processed foods. Of course every once in a while I ate something very greasy, but otherwise, I prioritized the health of that new being I was forming inside of me. Result: In 9 months of gestation I gained only the belly fat.

Almond oil for the boobs

At about 6 months I saw a slight white trace on the underside of my breast. I was very upset because my boobs were my favorite part of my body. Of course, I am grateful every day for having a healthy body, regardless of shape and scars, but once again leaving hypocrisy aside and embracing my feelings with sincerity, that little white mark upset me. After some research, I read that almond oil was great against stretch marks. So I bought one bottle and slept every day soaked in oil in my belly and breasts. That stretch did not increase and did not appear in the belly either.

Vaginal Birth (?)

There are controversies regarding this. I had vaginal childbirth and really loved my choice for many reasons. Some people say the body recovers faster after normal childbirth. Mine came back pretty quickly, but I don’t know if it had anything to do with the way my baby was delivery.


This should not be news to anyone, but breastfeeding makes you lose a lot of weight fast. I ate a lot after Maya was born, I felt an absurd and voracious hunger, and yet I was very thin as breastfeeding burns a lot of calories.

Balanced postpartum diet

I think the most important tip, along with a balanced diet during pregnancy. I kept taking care of myself to stay strong and healthy to be able to take care of my daughter. I forced myself to eat only real food, green juice every morning and almost no sugar or industrialized food for the first 2 months! I know it’s not easy to have time for cooking healthy meals in this period, but if you have someone to suport you (which I truly hope you do), please ask them to cook healthy things for you :). 

Bra with good support

During pregnancy, my breasts grew but did not fall, but with breastfeeding, there was no way, after 15 days I began to feel a lot of difference, I cried a lot because as mentioned above, I always loved the shape of my boobs. So I decided to sleep and wake up with bras or tops, to make a good boob sustenation. The good news is that it gets firm again; I am still breastfeeding but Maya is almost 8 months old and I feel my chest is fuller and firmer again. 🙂

Well, as I said and I will repeat, it worked for me, but I found it valid to share, because maybe it works for you too, 🙂 With a healthy diet you will gain 7 to 12 kg during pregnancy (only extra belly/baby weight), as recommended by doctors, and so will be much easier to get your body back to what it was :).


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Is it possible to get your pre-pregnancy body back?