High-Quality Dinnerware Made in the USA That You Can Buy Online

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What Brands Of Dinnerware Are Made In The USA?

Here is the shortcut list with the best brands of proud American-made dinnerware by style and their home states! All of them sell online and have wonderful customer service! You can keep reading or click on each brand for detailed info, pictures of the plates, mugs, sets, the style they offer, materials, average price, and direct links to the best retailers to do your shopping!

America, the land of the free because of the brave. Also, the land of opportunities, where dreams come true because of all the hard-working small business owners and some companies that prioritize supporting the local economy over unlimited greedy profit. So, whatever is your reason to choose dinnerware made in the USA, there is a lot at stake when shopping for anything American-made. And there are high-quality options for every budget and style. Modern dinnerware, rustic, pink, non-toxic, casual, lead-free, fine china, dinnerware sets without mugs, and so on.

For this list, I selected manufacturers that really have factories in the United States territory. I tell you where the factories are and narrow it down to which lines are made in the USA and which are not (not all Lenox is made in the USA, for example). Also, these American companies have amazing packaging and delivery. Really, they are customers’ enchanters. Most reviews are love statements! So, honestly, you’re better off if they deliver your delicate china at your door. All the companies listed here have a policy to replace anything damaged! And you won’t have to deal with heavy boxes in and out of your trunk!

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Therefore, here is a list of the best dinnerware made in the United States for every style and occasion, from fine china dinnerware sets for 8 people to patriotic USA mugs!

Casual Everyday Dinnerware Made In USA

Fiesta – Simple casual dinnerware made in USA

Place settings – Drinkware – Plates – Bowls – Serveware – Bakeware – Teapots – Countertop Accessories – Flatware – Cutlery – Linens

Materials: Fully vitrified lead-free china with a color glaze. Average price for a 4 piece placing set: $31.44

From Newell, West Virginia. Make no mistake. By simple, I mean easy to coordinate. Fiesta Dinnerware is a one-stop-shop for simple design dinnerware and tableware 99% made in America. They make colorful, black, white, sturdy, non-toxic, durable, and chip-resistant ceramic for everyday use. “Normal” round pieces, square dinnerware, bowls, heart-shaped plates, tumblers, dinnerware sets without mugs, saucers, and the list goes on. Every year a new color arrives in the family. Also, they have beautiful seasonal dinnerware collections for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine, 4th of July, and more. I told you, one-stop-shop. Oh, on the Fiesta website you can use a tool to simulate your table setting.

If the Fiesta aesthetic is not your cup of tea, you might like their modern branch: USA Dinnerware Direct. The colors are more subtle and the designs more sophisticated and clean. They have, for example, light pink place settings, mint, vintage-inspired.

What we love

Fiesta was one of the first china manufacturers in the USA to only use lead-free ceramic glaze. They have a consistent line of products, so customers can easily find replacements for broken pieces. Finally, reviews are raving about Fiesta’s hassle-free customer service, fast delivery, and formidable packaging quality.

Where to shop for Fiestaware online

HF Coors – Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Dinnerware sets – Drinkware – Plates – Bowls – Serveware – Kicthen Accessories

Materials: Vitrified cadmium and lead free ceramic. Price range for a 4 piece placing set: $65 – $128

From Tucson, Arizona. HF Coors makes heirloom restaurant-quality china. They have an interesting variety of colors and patterns. It goes from classic all-white to colorful and rustic dinnerware. But they also have modern place settings in matte black, white, and pink and handpainted ceramic. They can please from an 85-year-old farmhouse lady to a cool young Millennial from New York. Once you know the style you like, it’s easy to choose from dinnerware sets of different sizes or mix and match single pieces.

What we love

HF Coors makes cadmium and lead-free dinnerware to last for decades. You’ll get restaurant-grade durable pieces for reasonable prices. Highly chipping resistant, even under rough use. Freezer safe, oven and broiler proof. 100% manufactured on American soil.

Where to shop for HF Coors online

Modern Dinnerware American made

Corelle – Modern dinnerware made in the USA

Place settings – Drinkware – Plates – Bowls – Serveware – Bakeware – Teapots – Countertop Accessories – Flatware – Cutlery

Materials: Three layer glass. Price range for a 4 piece placing set: $42 – $90

From Rosemont, Illinois. Corelle is America’s sweetheart. It’s by far the dinnerware brand with more searches on Google. And it lives up to the buzz. They have beautiful, contemporary, and fresh designs. That’s due to the three-layer glass, which is a sturdy and chip-resistant material with a clean aesthetic. Also, they make cool collabs that result in fun and unique pieces that sell out. So, you’ll find square dinnerware sets, florals, geometric, all white. But everything is very delicate and minimalist. Finally, they belong to the same group as Instant Pot, Pyrex, and Chicago Cutlery, so they are not playing around.

What we love

The price tag for the quality and design is hard to beat. Also, they make it clear on the website that the mugs are NOT made in the USA. And I appreciate the transparency. The minimalist aesthetic is very appealing because it gives me that feeling of a clean kitchen. I don’t know how to explain. But I look at Corelle dinnerware and I think of a clean kitchen.

Where to shop for Corelle Dinnerware online

USA Dinnerware Direct – Modern Fiesta dinnerware made in the USA

Place settings – Drinkware – Plates – Bowls – Serveware – Bakeware – Countertop Accessories

Materials: Fully vitrified lead-free china with a color glaze. Price range for a 4 piece placing set: $59 – $85

From Newell, West Virginia. If the Fiesta aesthetic is not your cup of tea, USA Dinnerware Direct is their modern branch. You can expect the same quality, made in the same Newell fabric, but more contemporary finishes. The colors are more elegant and the designs more sophisticated and clean. They have, for example, light pink place settings, mint, vintage-inspired, checkered in black and white. Even hand-painted pieces. Everything is very tasteful and delicate. A real gem.

What we love

The same quality, delivery, and customer care we love from Fiesta plus the modern designs!

Where to shop for USA Dinnerware Direct online

Rustic Dinnerware Made In The United States

Bennington Potters – Handmade stoneware dinnerware American made

Dinnerware sets – Drinkware – Plates – Bowls – Serveware – Bakeware

Materials: Lead free and cadmium free stoneware. Price range for a 4 piece placing set: $98 – $142

From Bennington, Vermont. Bennington Pottery makes elegant rustic dinnerware with a modern twist. They have about 10 clean lines with different glazes. Very chic and organic. The bakeware is fantastic because of its pottery nature.

What we love

Everything is handcrafted by local artisans at a human pace. If you don’t wanna buy online, give them a call (800) 205-8033. Costumers are in love with the beautiful patterns and the organic handmade feel of the pieces.

Where to shop for Bennington Pottery online

Farmhouse Pottery – Handmade sustainable dinnerware made in the United States

Dinnerware sets – Drinkware – Flatware – Plates – Bowls – Serveware – Bakeware – Linens – Home Decor – Outdoor Living – Apparel

Materials: Lead free and cadmium free stoneware and New England ash wood. Average price for a 4 piece placing set: $250

From Woodstock, Vermont. Farmhouse Pottery has a huge variety of kitchen, dining, and home goods. Their design embodies a sustainable lifestyle culture with a modern organic aesthetic. And everything is ethically handmade by the owner and local artisans who adapt ancient pottery techniques. Even the potter’s wheel and the kiln are made in the USA. The result: pieces that last longer and perform beautifully in the kitchen.

What we love

Farmhouse Pottery is a small family business with a mission to make more than money. They focus on promoting sustainable farm-to-table values and ways of living to local makers and farmers.

Where to shop for Farmhouse Pottery online

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Fine China Dinnerware Made In The USA

Pickard – Upscale fine china dinnerware made in USA

Place settings – Drinkware – Flatware – Dinnerware – Serveware

Materials: Fine china porcelain. Price range for a 5 piece placing set: $214 – $575

From Antioch, Illinois. Pickard makes one of the finest china in the world. Each piece is carefully crafted by experienced artisans. For the elegant patterns, they use only 24K gold, pure platinum, and brilliant cobalt. They only make iconic dinnerware. And it can be even more unique. You can personalize it with a 3 letter monogram or order custom-made. Since 1977, it’s the official china at USA embassies and diplomatic missions.

What we love

Pickard is a 4th generation family business. They use the same craftsmanship techniques from when they started in 1893. Every piece of china passes through a 21 steps process during manufacturing. Each piece passes through full quality control, made 3 times only by employees with over 18 years of experience in the factory. So, no mass production. It’s pure poetry made to stay in the family for generations.

Where to shop for Pickard online

Lenox – Modern bone china dinnerware made in the USA

Place settings – Drinkware – Flatware – Plates – Bowls – Bakeware – Serveware – Decor – Linens –

Materials: Fine bone china porcelain. Average price for a 5 piece placing set: $200

From Lenox Kinston, North Carolina. Lenox Dinnerware is a symbol of formal sophisticated events, from the White House dinnerware to the Met Gala to weddings. But they offer much more than that. They give a modern twist to traditional bone china, with contemporary designs. For example, the famous Kate Spade dinnerware is made by Lenox. And since 2020 they have a full free replacement policy.

What we love

Lenox was created 130 years ago and is the only one producing fine bone china in American territory nowadays. They have heirloom collections, made to last and be passed on. But they don’t have only fine china. Lenox makes beautiful dinnerware from diverse materials and for every occasion. You’ll find beautiful melamine, ironstone, porcelain, and stoneware dinnerware. But they are not all made in the USA like the bone china. Lenox is behind the adorable super feminine dinnerware collection from Kate Spade.

Where to shop for Lenox online


I read a lot of customers ‘ reviews to make sure these companies meet excellent quality criteria. Here’s what I considered:

  1. Stellar delivery and packaging standards. China is breakable and you want to receive it in one piece. Fortunately, the dinnerware industry has great know-how on delivery. To be honest, it’s safer to have them deliver it at your door than you carrying it in and off the trunk. I read only wonderful things about the American companies on this list. Also, most companies are committed to sustainability, which means less foam and unnecessary packaging.
  2. Outstanding customer service. No matter how good and careful the packaging is, accidents happen. In that case, the company must be accountable for the liability. It’s part of their business if they wanna sell online. Any company that doesn’t do that, does not deserve customers’ dollars. The companies in this list are definitely on the right side of the story.
  3. Chipping resistance. If it is fine china or everyday mugs, we want it to look good and not melt away or have cracks after a few uses. Also, it’s a health issue. Once a plate starts chipping, it will keep fading away and may even break in the dishwasher or the microwave. Of course, we are considering that the manufacturer’s instructions will be followed correctly.
  4. Durability. Dinnerware is meant to be used every day. Whatever care is recommended by the manufacturer, the ceramic must stand the test of time. I read reviews of people who have some dinnerware from this list in great shape for over 20 years.

I believe it covers all bases of what we expect from great dinnerware made in the USA or anywhere. So it’s only a matter of choosing what fits your budget and personal style.


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High-Quality Dinnerware Made in the USA That You Can Buy Online