Choosing the best car seat: A 3 steps guide

Choosing the best car seat for your baby can be much less complicated than it seems! Newborns, infants or toddlers, one thing is a fact: if you have a car, you will need it. Travel Systems are worth it? How long each seat last? Do I need to change it over time? These are some of the doubts we might have as moms! If you are giving birth at the hospital, for example, you’ll need a car seat that meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 to bring the baby home.

Besides, every time you go out with your baby in the car, the seat is mandatory for their safety until they are tall enough to wear the regular seat belt.

Because the car seat is the best way to keep your baby safe inside the car, it must be appropriate for child weight and height.

For this reason, there is a lot of offers on the market, so it seems confusing in the beginning.
Worry not! We debunked the car seat rules in 3 STEPS to help you find the best one for you.

First step to find the best car seat

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you must follow these rules to find the right car seat:

  • Find which type is right for the height and weight of the baby
  • Follow the manufacturer installation instructions
  • Have the installation verified by an authority

✰ Here are the car seat types, according to the CDC:


Second Step

Know the manufacturer’s different denominations, as follows:

Infant Rear Facing Only
ConvertibleRear and Forward Facing
3 in 1 or All in OneRear and Forward Facing and Booster
BoosterBooster Only
Travel System Car Seat (Infant) + Stroller

Third Step

Now that you know the rules for car seat safety, choose the one that makes more sense for your lifestyle and budget! We crossed ALL the Best Seller and Most Wished For on Amazon with the NHTSA list and selected the best ones!

Are you looking for something modern and stylish ⚫, girly 🎀 or non-toxic🍃? You can find the best ones on Amazon, organized by style, clicking on the links below!

modern car seats for de classy minimalist mom.
girly cars seats for baby girl
non-toxic car seats for the sustainable mom


If you are still not sure, the NHTSA provides an amazing free tool where you can insert your baby measurements and they will tell what is the best type of car seat.

The AAP site also has a complete guide on Car Seat Safety.

💡IMPORTANT: Only use the car seat for transportation, do not put the baby to sleep or nap in it. A new study shows that putting babies to sleep in it may lead to SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome), suffocation and fall, even under adult surveillance.

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