Best shoes for the adventurous toddler

In this post we will talk about the best shoes for the adventurous toddler on Amazon! What exactly does that mean?

Well, first of all: Adventuring does not end when you have children, It is only the beginning! Are you an unusual mother who loves to travel and venture with your children? Or even if you don’t travel so much, you’re going to take a trail or a trip to the beach with your family and want to make sure your little one is going to start exploring the magic of nature in comfort and style?

So, here I made a selection for you to find the ideal shoe faster. First of all, ALL shoes selected here are for toddlers from first walkers to 4 years old. In addition, I ALWAYS recommend reading the reviews on Amazon’s website to see if the shoe really meets everything you need. Here I make a general summary of the most well rated within each function.

🏕️ SPECIAL TIP: That are soooo many beautiful Adventure shoes well rated on Amazon. The intention of the Mood Guide is to organize good things by aesthetics, style of each person, but we also want to generate extra value for you by organizing things by its function, so it is important to warn that in this post we gave priority to choosing shoes that have the AESTHETICS of adventure, but we carefully curated the descriptions and reviews to see if they also are functional shoes for the adventurous toddler!

That being said, if you like any model below I highly recommend -one more time – clicking on it to check the reviews and see if they are what you are looking for, and also to check all the amazing colors and patterns available! There are so many beautiful ones for almost all the models below!

Affiliate Disclosure

The Mood Guide is designed to surface the best-rated things to buy, all visually organized by mood. Doing this job is hard and handy work, but I honestly believe it can be very useful for many women.That being said, I might get a small commission for some purchases that are made here. But don’t worry, you won’t pay anything extra for this.

Best toddler Water Shoes

Going on a beach excursion with your little one? It is important to prevent their feet from touching the hot sand, the corals, shells and other little stuff in the ocean water that might hurt their sensitive skin.

Lake trip? They can be useful to avoid feet getting cut on rocks at the lake!

What about a weekend at a waterpark? Water shoes are a good choice for a safe all day water play.

The nice thing of these shoes is that even if you’re not traveling, they can also be useful to use for shower time and prevent you little one from slippig. Swim classes, walking on a hot sidewalk or just going to the pool are also good ways for your toddler to use water shoes!

Don’t forget to click on your favorite model to check the other amazing color and prints! 🙂

Best toddler Outdoor Hiking shoes

Of course you won’t put your 1 year old baby on an hour-long trail! At this age you are more likely to need a carrier. But you also don’t have to keep yourself from small exploratory adventures with your little one, especially if he is already around 4 years old (age at which the baby is usually making the transition from carreirs to walk).

Healthy walks in the forest and snow and small trails to discover the magic of nature demand attention and comfort! So, to make this job easier for you, here we chose Amazon’s best rated hiking shoes.

When hiking with a toddler, don’t forget to go on their own pace and to have some extra time to stop and explore things that for a toddler are super interesting:- like a bunch of ants climbing a tree🐜🐜🌲


What to pay attention to when choosing an outdoor hiking shoe for your toddler? Usually hiking shoes, like sneakers or boots, have more suport than running sneakers. Besides that, before going on an adventure, you must check if your kid will be able to hike all day comfortably, if you need them waterproof  (maybe your kid likes jumping on puddles or you catch a rain on the way),  if you need them to provide traction (in case your kid loves climbing on rocks or hike a lot), if little one always untie his shoes (for these cases recommend the ones like number 9 or 16 ), if you need them warm for cold weather or if you just want something stylish for a camping trip.

Hiking sandals are also a nice opton for warm days. Numbers 31, 32, 35 and 36  are good if you want something more lightweight and breathable to walk around rivers or woods, but as I said before, don’t forget to check on the reviews to confirm if a shoe fits your needs!

Best Snow Boots for the adventurous toddler

Wet foot on the snow is a nightmare for anyone, so of course you want to make sure little one will be dry and warm during a hike or snow ball war on the snow! So, what to look at when chosing snow boots? Basically they must be warm, slip-free and waterproof! They must be water-proof so your kid can play in the snow without getting their socks wet and feeling cold. Check if you need any spikes at the bottom for grip,  and if they have soles that helps with not slipping!

Never forget to go through the reviews carefully and to check the sizes!

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Best shoes for the adventurous toddler