Baby pajamas: how to make the right choice

Safe and comfortable pajamas will protect your baby. The right model will help them sleep more.
Here is everything new moms must know before buying baby pajamas.
It is not as obvious as it seems!

9 /10 new moms (and some dads) wish they knew better about baby pajamas when making their registry.

They usually learned all about safe and comfortable sleep, like crib safety, best sleep position to prevent SIDS, sleeping routine, etc. But what they wish they knew is: newborns really require diaper change all day long, including during the night. And most of the time, they also require clothes change.

Besides, there is something mysterious about newborn’s poop! Very often they are all over your baby, no matter what diaper you use or how careful you are!
To help with that, baby pajamas should be as hassle-free as possible for the person changing the diapers.

What to consider before buying baby pajamas

Here is what to take in consideration and why, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics and endorsed by experienced moms:


❍ Bare sleeping surface

❍ No loose blankets (Increase risk of SIDS and accidental suffocation during baby first year of life. )

❍ No sweating (overheated) | No cold chest (too cold).


❍ Do not bundle. Build thin layers.

❍ 1 extra layer than what you are comfortably wearing.

❍ Snuggle fit.

❍ Age appropriate.


❍ Easy access for diaper change (Open leg | Open crouch).

❍ Very easy to put on & remove (Open front. Newborns get fussy with over the head onesies).

❍ Suits your lifestyle.

Does it really help?

Yes, it does. Especially if you don’t want to spend money on things you won’t use as much.

There is a lot of different types of sleepwear for babies: layette, 1 piece pajamas, swaddles, sleep sack, sleep gowns.
Therefore, the whole point is to find a combination that suits you and your baby.
Since every person is unique, your friend’s must-have may not be a hit in your nursery!

The right sleepwear will make night diaper changing easier and faster, which will make you and baby get back to sleep faster. And trust me: every extra second of sleep counts!

The best baby pajama is the one that combines safety, comfort and convenience according to each stage of your baby’s life.
But most important: the perfect pajama is the one that your baby loves!

Baby pajamas options

| first layer |

  • From newborn to toddler years
  • Long sleeve | Short sleeve
  • Easy access for diaper and clothes change (no over the head involved)
  • Light fabrics (cotton | muslin)

Colored Organics | Organic Cotton – Water Based AZO Heavy Metal Free Dyes -Nickle Free Snaps

Blueleyou | Cotton

Asher and Olivia | 100% Cotton

L’ovedbaby | Organic Cotton

| first layer |

  • From newborn to toddler years
  • Zippered | Snap-up | Long sleeve | Short sleeve | Footed
  • Easy access for diaper and clothes change (no over the head involved)
  • Fabrics for summer and winter (cotton | bamboo | fleece)

MakeMe Organics | Organic Cotton – Non toxic dye

Kyte Baby | Bamboo

Gerber | Cotton

Hudson | 100%Cotton

| Second layer |

  • Newborns (before roll over )
  • Wrap | Adjustable
  • Wrap model requires some practice to not cause hip dysplasia
  • No easy access for diaper changing (newborns poop more often during the night than older babies )
  • Different fabrics for summer and winter (cotton | muslin | bamboo | wool)

SunTanca | Wrap | Organic cotton – No toxic dye

Embé | Adjustable | Legs in and out

aden+anais | Wrap | 100% Cotton

SwaddleMe | Adjustable | 100% Cotton

| Second layer |

  • From newborn to toddler years
    (transitions into sleep bag when baby starts to roll over or if he doesn’t like arms-in swaddling)
  • Zippered | Arms out | Legs out
  • Easy access for diaper and clothes change (no over the head involved)
  • Fabrics for summer and winter
    (cotton | muslin | fleece)

ergoPouch | Organic Cotton

Halo | Micro Fleece

Woombie | Cotton

Embé | Legs in and out

| Second layer |

  • From 2 months to toddler years
    (When they start rolling over. Some newborns might prefer it over swaddle.)
  • Zippered | Sleeveless
  • Easy access for diaper and clothes change (no over the head involved)
  • Fabrics for summer and winter (cotton | muslin | fleece | wool | weighted)

Dordor & Gorgor | Organic Cotton – No dyes

Amazing Baby | Cotton Muslin

Hudson | Cotton

Woolino | Wool

| First or Second layer |

  • From 2 months to toddler years
    (when they start rolling over)
  • Zippered | Snap Up | Long Sleeve
  • Easy access for diaper and clothes change (no over the head involved)
  • Fabrics for summer and winter
  • (cotton | bamboo| fleece | wool | weighted)

Parede Organics | Organic Cotton – AZO Free Dyes -Nickle Free Snaps

Kyte Baby | Bamboo

Touched by Nature | Cotton Gown

Hudson | 100% Cotton

That’s a lot of options, right? But don’t worry! You don’t have to buy one different type of sleepwear for each stage if you don’t want to. Since there is no rule for what will work in your house, you can adapt and play by ear.

All of this sleepwear can be very helpful, but they are not absolutely necessary, like a car seat. So, as long as the baby is comfortable and safe and you are happy, it’s all good! 😉

Tips from the 💙

All the new information + the unknown = overwhelming! That’s normal! You will get it with time!

If you don’t know what to buy or you’re on a budget, get the bare minimum and wait to see what your baby will prefer!

Which ever model you choose, make sure you have at least 3 pieces so you always have a clean one between laundry.

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