80 Water Shoes for kids (& moms) who love pink

If you live with a little princess mermaid in training, we have the pink water shoes you are looking for!

Your style:
feminine | girly | romantic

Your color palette:
pink | pastels | white | grey

Your aesthetic:
soft pink | vintage | ethereal

Your materials:
lace | silk | chiffon | pearl

You love dressing your little one (and yourself) in pink? Are you planning a beach excursion with your little princess? Your little fashionista can’t go to the lake picnic without a matching pink outfit?
If so, you probably spend quite some time looking for pink princess girly “best water shoes for kids”. And how time-consuming is it?

If you are looking for different colors, see our visual shop guide with the best summer shoes for the adventurous toddler!

And because we know how hard the new mom’s life can be, we also give you a quick explanation about the importance of water shoes for kids.

The quick explanation

Playing in the water is amazing, but it requires the right gear, especially the shoes.
Water shoes are designed to protect little – and big – feet from slipping, sharp objects and mischievous wild water creatures!
Good quality shoes will last all summer, protect your child’s feet and save you a lot of headaches! And who am I kidding? They are also freaking cute!

See? I told you it would be a short explanation! Now let’s go to the fun part! 💗

Water Shoes

Shower time, swim classes, walking on a hot sidewalk
or going to the pool are fun ways for your toddler to
use their water shoes!

  • Types:
    Water shoes | Water sandals | Water-to-land | Aqua socks
  • Must be:
    durable | comfortable | easy to put on | quick-dry | breathable | no-slip | anti-collision
  • Environments:
    Beach | Lake | Waterpark | Hiking | Backyard
  • Protects from:
    slipping | hot sand | corals | shells | rocks | sharp objects | gross surprises on the ground

▶︎ Water sandals | Water shoes◀︎

▶︎ Water-to-land◀︎

▶︎ Aqua socks ◀︎

56 colourful outdoor shoes for adventurous toddlers!

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