Whenever I can, I prefer to buy organic cotton clothes for my baby. Newborns skins are very sensitive and deserve to be cared for. I feel happy when I know that my little girl's skin is not being in contact with harmful material and that we are also helping to preserve nature. The only problem is the higher prices, but for me, it is worth the investment. Below is the list of my top 12 brands to shop modern organic cotton baby clothes on Amazon .

Nature Colored: This simple brand from Canada produces baby clothing made from organically grown or naturally colored cotton.
I admit I don’t buy only organic clothes, but I prioritize. Not only because I concern for the baby’s skin but also because I care about nature. Below are my favorite and most practical items for a newborn: anything that is easy and fast to wear.

1-Bodysuit / 2- Booties / 3- baby romper

Touched by Nature: I like this brand for the good prices and more colorful options (neutral colors are very common when buying organic cotton clothes). They also sell headbands, tights, crib sheets and burp cloths (all organic cotton)

1 – Dresses / 2- Rompers / 3 – Headbands.

Parade: Also free of chemicals and 100% certified organic cotton. The colors and prints are pretty, modern and trendy.

1- Tank Romper / 2-Blue romper / 3- Zip romper

Moon and Back – Super soft and more minimalist, also 100% organic cotton and one of my favorites.

1 – pink romper / 2 baby bibs / 3- toddler pajamas / 4 – pink stripes romper/ 5 cap and mitten set

L’ovedbaby: A famous brand with many Instagram followers. A lot of nice options for quality clothes and caps.

1- Kimono / 2 – Footed Overall / 3 – Wrap shirt / 4- organic leggings / 5- knotted cap

bonamy: This brand does not offer much different clothing models, but for those who are a fan of footed organic cotton pajamas for baby like me, not only because they are beautiful but also for being very practical, simple to wear and comfortable for the baby, it is a good option. because although they have only a few models, they offer around 20 different color options!

1- footed pajamas / 2-organic cotton blankets / 3- hoodie

ZippyJamz: No chemicals or pesticides and super pretty prints. What I love most about these pajamas is the fabric protection on the zippers. Other babies onesies zippers do not work very well for me because they rub against the skin of my baby’s chin. The diaper change zipper system is also different and very practical.

All models

Goumikids: Beautiful organic cotton baby clothes. What I loved the most here was the Stay On Mittens. It may seem expensive to pay 8 dolars in a pair of mittens, but trust me: you will use A LOT. By the second month the baby starts scratching his face when he is sleepy or tired and it is practically impossible to control without mittens. I bought a simple and cheap model and wasn’t worthy, because at 3 months the baby takes it off very easily, so if you don’t want to see your baby looking like Edward’s Scissorhands face, it’s worth the investment

1- Pajamas / 2- Mittens

Lamaze Organic: I love this brand. There are so many options and the price is good. I purchased the set of organic cotton hats for my baby girl when she was a newborn and loved the quality.

1- romper / 2- mermaid pajamas / 3-red, black and white pajamas / 4 – pair of organic cotton pants / 5- organic cotton hats

Burt’s Bees Baby: All I have to say is: I want to purchase everything from this brand.

1 – botties / 2 – pink pajamas / 3- robe / 4 – Weareble blanket / 5 – Romper

Owlivia: Super soft and minimalist ๐Ÿ™‚

Cole + Cleo: Also only a few options, but great for those who, like me, love black and white and modern minimalist organic baby clothes.

1- Sleep Gown / 2 – organic baby hat / 3 – baby blanket


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